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I’m thrilled to announce my next novel, actually novels, are readying for release. Stay tuned for official announcements about my medical-thriller series which begins in the 1930s with a sequel in the 1970s and the third in a trilogy set in our current pandemic times. It fictionalizes the lives of two historic men of science whose chance meeting in the 30s carried them into never-before-seen microscopic realms. And on to their own ruin.

The Sausage Maker's Daughters: A Novel

It’s the era of the counterculture and Vietnam. Women’s consciousness is being raised and they’re beginning to find their places outside of the home.

But twenty-four-year-old Kip Czermanski is nowhere near her home in California. She’s in a jail cell in her hometown in Wisconsin awaiting a court appearance in the mysterious death of her ex-lover, who happened to be her brother-in-law.

A Note from The Author

Being raised with women, lots of women, it was only upon reaching school age that I discovered how different boys were, in themselves of course, but also in the way the two genders were and are treated. I intuited, long before I had words for it, the double standard in behaviors and expectations. Perhaps that set the stage for my investigating through my writing the evolution of women and female roles in our rapidly changing times. But even that statement feels too limited. It’s more that through my work I wish to explore the evolution of roles, regardless of gender, as changes in one directly and immediately affect changes in the other.

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